My Perfect Job…

by Manny Santos

The perfect job for me…

The prefect job for me? Something I have always hated to answer as well as something I especially hate to have asked to me.

Stepping on stage the mic is your only supporter... guaranteed..Photo Courtesy of Google

Stepping on stage the mic is your only supporter… guaranteed..Photo Courtesy of Google

I’m guessing that an ideal job would have to be performing comedy. It takes a lot of work to start a dream like this, let alone continue and maintain a career in such a crazy field. I have been writing stand up with the assistance of the Comedy Bible, written by Judy Carter and I feel as if I finally prepared. Writing is your best friend, this is true in almost every aspect of life. If one chooses to deny himself of this certainty thats fine, allow ignorance to be the happiness that is received, not the rewards of success that can be gained if one is to assimilate to writing stand up. To clearly understand how one believes and most importantly how to clearly communicate how one believes, for this skill I received instruction from the Second City training center the Worlds largest Comedy Training facility located in Chicago. Staying strong, determined, and focused is important and I intend on climbing to the top.

©Mr.Manny Santos

Best Friend sketched me

Best Friend sketched me