Mr. Manny takes an improv course

by Manny Santos

Mr. Manny takes an improv course…..

I will admit, I actually had to pay in order to perform on a stage at Second City Training Center. Not just any Second City, the Chicago Training Center who gave us many greats, both past and present. By the time I started my journey at the historic training center I had already learned many facts about the theater and how important of a role that it has played in modern day Pop culture, by doing this I was also stricken with the realization that this place had inadvertently changed my life already. True and tough to say, as a kid growing up myself, my brothers, and my sisters did not have much to laugh about. When we watched Tommy Boy staring Chris Fairly along with the comical David Spade or Billy Madison staring the awesomely great Adam Sandler I had not been curious enough to gain this knowledge nor the home setting to discover this fact for another 15 years.


“Saturday Morning”

“I knew it could change my life, I didnt know that it would”

The first time I ever felt “excepted” in a room was the Second City training center. My level A class had about 21 of some of the coolest, most open minded people I met. I’m sure no matter what the personal opinion of these people are of their self and of myself, it will forever be a fact that we share something special. We share improv. Our personal journey to discovering our inner voice. In my time here I gained the pleasure of meeting some wonderful (or not so wonderful) folks to be my instructor. Judy FabJance among the greats, (just a shot out to a women who introduced me to comedy) J.J Howe I will never forget taught me more about myself then 22 years of life before, silly as it seems. Makes a man appreciate how powerful and genuinely deep the mind truly is, improv that is and if your reading this and thinking abut it. Do it.
Manny on Second City Stage
Its just may change your life.
©Mr.Manny Santos

Example of a Second City student show