“Seriously Funny” is an oxymoron right? Whats an oxymoron you say? Google it.

There are different types of comedy just as there are different types of people and personalities. Romantic Comedy, Character Comedy, Tragic Comedy, Musical Comedy. Comedy has exposed a primitive emotion that is pretty new, I don’t think that a couple hundred years ago there was much to laugh at (i.e. the plague, famine, starvation). Today the World is looking for something different in their entertainment, they want to hear what they are thinking out loud in a different way. We expect that. I am here to prove that comedy does not have to be only be mean, or cruel, but its also nice, and fuzzy. I can expose the “smart” in the World for how foolish it can be, I can educate you on modern day events although you will laugh.

Sit back and enjoy the ride of “Seriously Funny”, understand what and how I am thinking most of the time and at the same time learn. Learn to laugh, live, open up, and experience why I am the way I am.

Thanks a lot for the support.

-Mr.Manny Santos